Trust all is well

Trust all is well

Admittedly trust is not something that is easily achieved these days. Looking at the general news I do sometimes wonder how we make it to the next day without dissolving into complete despair.

During January’s Crystal Circle meeting we explored what it means to trust in people, circumstances, situations and most of all in our own abilities.
According to the Oxford online dictionary trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. It also defines trust to be a hope or expectation.

When asking my audience whether they trust me they very happily answered yes, but when I asked them if they would trust me to stick a needle into their arms in order to take a blood sample they were not so sure. A wise decision!

Do you trust yourself and the decisions you take?

Sadly a lot of people answered this question with no. I find this shocking. If you cannot trust yourself who do you trust? Your parents? Your spouse? Your friends? Your doctor? The pharmaceutical industry? The government? What you read in a book or see on TV?
Think about it, or better, feel into it. Many have become disempowered to the point of letting others decide what is right or wrong for them. The moment you ask someone else’s opinion about something that concerns your personal affairs you are in danger of giving your power away and handing it right over to whoever you consult.
So many are used to letting others make all the decisions – that way at least they will not have to take responsibility for anything if things go wrong. All because we have forgotten how to connect with and trust in our own inner knowledge and the fact that this inner knowledge will not and cannot deceive or harm us.

One of my little perks is that I like to use Crystals to help me connect to my own inner Truth and the following words are the result of me tuning in with an Apatite Crystal: ‘Trust is an interesting thing. It is open to those who are willing to embrace it. When you trust in someone or something you display complete Faith in their actions / the circumstance.
To have Faith is to acknowledge that there are powers beyond those of your control. It is proof that you believe in the Creator.
Trust, belief & faith are all interlinked. If your belief system is corrupted due to incorrect information then it is challenging for you to accept faith and trust.
Believe that you can do anything and it is done!’

How do we learn to trust?

Sit quietly and examine why you feel you can’t trust in a person or situation. What is it you believe about them / it?
Is that belief formed through your own experience or the opinion of someone else?
This can be quite an eye opener. You may find that you have experienced many years of battling ill-health based on a sentence your mother may have uttered when you were little: ‘s/he’s really frail…’.
Once we have identified the belief you can start to change it. Affirmations are good, but you also need to work on the emotions you have attached to the belief.
In the example above you may need to acknowledge first that your mother – whom you trust to be correct on so many accounts – may occasionally be wrong.
Once you manage to change your belief together with the emotional attachment to it you will find that whatever issue you were working on will resolve.

Trust Crystal Net

The above exercise can be re-enforced with the use of some Crystal Nets.
As I feel this is such an important topic in order for us to Ascend I will share the ones we used at our Crystal Circle here with you:

Pick a person or situation you wish to have complete trust in.

Crystals to use:

2 x Apatite
1 x Aquamarine
1 x Rose Quartz

Lie down and place one Apatite in each hand, the Aquamarine on the Brow Chakra and the Rose Quartz on the Heart Chakra.

Enter the Crystal Net with your trust issue in mind and wait for the underlying belief to surface.

Believe & Trust Crystal Net

Once the belief has come to the surface look at all your Crystals and pick the one that you feel will help you work through the emotional attachment surrounding this belief. Go back into the Crystal Net above and this time place the personal stone onto your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Crystals to use:

2 x Apatite – one in each hand
1 x Aquamarine – on Brow Chakra
1 x Rose Quartz – on Heart Chakra
1 x Personal Stone – on Solar Plexus Chakra

Working with Crystals is creative and fun 🙂 Just have a go!

My experiences are my own and your experiences are yours and even though we are connected and part of the ONE we are allowed to feel different about things.
Always go with what feels good and true for you as I go with what feels good and true for me.

In Love, Light, Peace and Truth

Karin xxxx