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Tic, Tac, Toe, …

Tic, Tac, Toe, …

… Three in a Row. 

Just like the simple noughts and crosses game we need to align our three aspects: Spirit, Mind and Body. It is through this alignment that we achieve things and become more fully aware of the magnificent feats we have the capacity to achieve.

True miracles are possible if we follow this simple rule of alignment. 

Inspiration, Thought and Physical Action are required to create and experience immense Joy in what we are doing. If we wish to initiate true change we need to do all three. To leave out one of these steps means we are not going down the right path. Nothing spectacular will happen as we are avoiding being in Alignment with the Universal Flow.

Naughts and Crosses

When we play the game and no one makes a mistake we reach a stalemate. Nothing is resolved and no one wins. We start again at the beginning and do this over and over again until we, or the other party make a mistake. 

After a while we realise that there are only so many outcomes to the game. Both players become more vigilant and the game keeps ending in stalemate. It is at this point that we ask ourselves – why play? We realise that sometimes we are Winners, sometimes we are Losers and sometimes no party has the advantage.

Then we realise that we actually don’t have to play at all! We can safely remove ourselves from the to-ing and fro-ing of 3-D existence, raise ourselves above what is going on and immerse ourselves in a totally new 5 Dimensional experience. 

The time has come now for us to remove ourselves from the old patterns, interactions and addictions we have diligently played out for so long. We are to raise our vibration and let go of all the old systems and ways of being.

Introducing Crystals to the Game

Crystals are storehouses of ancient wisdom. Because of their stability and long life span they hold a record of information that has long since been forgotten by Humanity. When we connect with Crystals in the right way we can readily access this record and use it to help us first spot our undesirable patterns (or game strategies), and then use their stable vibration to aid us in our efforts to rise to a new 5th Dimensional existence.

Whatever your experience – Ascension is taking place and the world as we know it is changing. Try not to struggle with w
hat is happening – take a deep breath and do your utmost to relax. That way the higher energies can reach you and assist you in making the changes required in order for you to enjoy the process of entering into a 5 D reality.

Most important of all: have fun, enjoy and trust that all is well. Working with Crystals is fun and can be an amazing and exhilarating experience. Have a go!

My experiences are my own and your experiences are yours and even though we are connected and part of the ONE we are allowed to feel different about things.

Always go with what feels good and true for you as I go with what feels good and true for me.

In Love, Light, Peace and Truth

Karin xxxx

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