That I Share, not What I Share

That I Share, not What I Share

That I share, not what I share

It is time for me to begin this process now. Those of you who are ready will be able to become aware and absorb the Light Source Information contained in these writings.

Please know that if what is written here does not resonate with you then it is not for you. Move on, read something else, and maybe you will come back to this at some point in the future.
This is about me following my guidance and sharing what I am asked to share.

Also, rather than just reading this have a go at setting the intent to connect to the energy of what is being transmitted here and feel how this affects your vibration.


‘Write’ my guidance says – ‘What?!?’ do I ask – ‘Anything!’ the reply comes ‘The physical words do not matter, as long as you connect with us, your writings will contain the energy required for the next stage of Ascension.’

Admittedly this is something unfamiliar and new to me but as we are now starting our move from the physical to the non-physical levels of Being it sort of makes sense. Many are already tuning into the art of telepathic communication. Especially the young Starseeds who are joining us right now. Many times I observe non-verbal communication on the playground amongst children and experience it myself with those who are in tune with me. This is communication which goes beyond what we would describe as body language.


We are so used to assuming that language needs to be expressed in words, but there is so much more to communication.

As we raise our vibration ever higher through our Ascension journeys we are becoming much more aware of the complexity required in order for us to express what is actually going on for us.

The evolution from simple written texts with no images, over picture books, emojis, tactile texts (usually for children) to movies and videos shows how our need to communicate in a more complex way is being expressed in the media we use.

It’s no longer enough to send a simple text message, we now use emojis, sound and video messages.

As well as words, images, sound and moving pictures each piece of communication also contains an energy.
This energy can be uplifting, demoralising, transformative, or invoke a variety of emotions, but most importantly it conveys a certain state of consciousness.
It is important to note that it is my firm belief that your state of consciousness sends out a vibration and that it is this vibration which takes you to your next material manifestation.

Light Source Information

So, reading this will invoke a certain state of consciousness within you.  This state is triggered by a combination of the physical words written here but mostly by the non-physical (etheric) vibration of this text, combined with any images / video / sound that may be added to it.
In the case of this particular piece, in addition, you will receive a message of Light Source Information if it is meant for you.

When I queried my guidance further on how this is all supposed to work I was given a visual representation. They showed me a short video I produced in November 2019, in my vision I could see how the images of the video contained what I will describe here as ‘Etheric Writing’. This writing was translucent and in a golden colour. It looked a bit like Sanskrit, but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t.
It is the vibration of this ‘Etheric Writing’ which contains the REAL message.

The same is happening here as I write this. At present I am only vaguely aware that this is going on but I am certain that as things progress I will become more conscious of the process and its exact meaning.

For now I am very happy to say it is a Beginning.

Wishing you all a very Blissful 2020.

With Love, Blessings & Gratitude

Lyra Bain xxxx