Surrender and Trust

Surrender and Trust

Surrender and Trust!

Yesterday someone pinged me an email which provided me with the final spark to ignite my passion for sharing my personal opinion on what I am observing at the moment.

As I don’t follow the news and I certainly refrain from going out of my way to ‘inform’ myself of world events, I rely on little snippets that reach me via family, friends and people that I come across in my daily life. For me this is more than sufficient. There is plenty of opportunity to stimulate my senses in my own little world.

Now some of the information that has reached me may not be correct, but this does not matter. What matters to me at the moment is for me to share my view on what I feel has reached me.

If there really is an undesirable physical dis-ease rapidly spreading around the world then now is the time to Surrender and Trust.

When I use the word ‘really’ here I am referring to the desire of the various news channels to fuel their sales via certain means, allegedly. This does at times involve the manipulation of information to serve their needs, allegedly.

For those of you who are students of the creative process (Law of Attraction and the likes) I would like to mention how powerful the written and spoken word can be as part of the creative process. I leave you to ponder on the significance of what may be going on here and urge you to carefully examine where you place your energy and attention these days.

If this physical dis-ease is really spreading as rapidly and ferociously as it is made out to be then isolating ourselves, being fearful of it, and trying to avoid it seems pointless.

Using your knuckles on light switches, which you then use to ‘bump fists’ with instead of a hand shake will do nothing to contain the spread.

Neither will elbow touching instead of skin contact (now did I accidentally sneeze into my elbow –  instead of using a disposable tissue once – before doing so?).

Where are we going to put all those disposable tissues? Maybe we should burn them straight away risking setting the house on fire. Does anyone know if intense heat will contain or fuel the spread?

Excessive hand washing and use of hand sanitiser in my view will only add to our already overburdened environmental issues.

And emptying the shelves of toilet roll (really?) here in the UK will not save anyone either.

I am starting to wonder if there was some form of covert and clever subliminal advertising campaign to benefit the paper tissue industry…

The companies producing hand sanitisers and face masks quite likely enjoy the increase in revenue too.

So if we can’t avoid the thing what should we do instead? Well, I never like telling people what to do. Instead I like to lead by example and here is what I am doing.

My daily routines are just the same. If I see a friend I hug them, just as always, unless they object. If I’ve been in the garden, to the toilet or before preparing food I wash my hands with our normal environmentally friendly soap.

When I sneeze or blow my nose I use a reusable handkerchief which I use for the day and then add to our washing pile. We have our normal amount of food & other household items stocked, just as always. Except for margarine, we have a stockpile of that – Marcus always likes to buy loads when it is on offer…..  
So if you live near us and the shelves are empty of margarine it’s possible because it’s all in our fridge!

As always I refrain from taking undue risks or do stupid things – for me things like skydiving, bungee jumping and belly button piercing fall into that category.

I advise others to do what makes them feel the most joyful. Whatever that means to them. If wearing a face mask makes you feel joyful, then by all means go ahead!

Admittedly the thought of falling prey to a physical dis-ease does not sound particularly appealing to me. However, I trust that if my Soul, that beautiful, wise part of me, of which I am a physical expression, who Loves me Unconditionally, decides that I am in need of the experience of physical dis-ease then I am ready to fully Trust that this is exactly what I need for my growth at this time. In that case I shall totally Surrender and on a moment-to-moment basis deal with whatever comes my way. However uncomfortable this may be. Resistance is futile and will only prolong the dis-comfort.

If it is my time to go – let’s face it we all leave this plane at some point – then I shall Surrender to that too and look forward to the next adventure on a different plane.

Stay focused, know that you are Loved Unconditionally and enjoy the potential spectacle of people wandering the streets with face masks on (btw. is this legal when going to the bank?) shaking their elbows at each other looking like excited chickens, performing all sorts of stunts to open doors. This has got to be better than any TV show : ).

PS: Remember to take your Zinc supplements which are sure to keep you healthy as long as you truly Believe they do 😉 .

Take from this what resonates, leave the rest behind.

With Love, Blessings & Gratitude

Lyra Bain xxxx

Image Credit: Slava B. Unsplash – much Gratitude!