Reflecting on being a Woman

Reflecting on being a Woman

Today, as I am writing this it’s Women’s Day 2018. That’s great, but to me this doesn’t mean very much. It’s yet another day, I get up, take the young one to school together with my husband (yes, we do things together if we can!), and go about my work and daily life as usual.

In all honesty I would not even have noticed that today is one of these special days such as Mother’s day or Non-smoking day had it not been mentioned to me. Once the seed was sown I started to think about being a woman and what this means to me in this day and age.

Those of you who see me often know that I am a creature of comfort, practicality and efficiency (the Ger(wo)man in me). In this country for me this means wearing trousers. They are warmer and keep the draft out of places where it doesn’t belong!
In addition to that the trousers and tops need to be comfortable and easy to look after. My hair is long because the short version is so full of quiffs and annoyingly labour intensive.
Thank you to those women who came before me to pave the way for me to have a choice in this.

This doesn’t mean that I can’t ‘brush up’ and look the part in aWedding day dress with sparkly accessories and a pretty hair do –
on my wedding day….

Marcus (my husband) and I are very fortunate as we complement each other well. Whereas I carry a fair amount of the active Masculine energy in me he, in turn, has a lot of the Feminine energy. No, I have never seen him wear a skirt : ).

When I mentioned to him that it is Women’s Day his reply was, as so often, amazingly inspired and accurate: ‘I don’t believe in this. Every sensible, aware man will tell you that every day is women’s day.’ How Blessed am I?

As we are starting to Ascend the distinction between being Feminine and Masculine is starting to blur – at least in my experience. Maybe the amount of Transgender people coming to the fore is a reflection of this.
The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are part of this Dual world same as Night and Day, Black and White, Bad and Good.

Opposites which currently can’t exist without the other and are in a constant cycle of attracting and repelling one another. One defines the other in order for us to know ourselves.

Will we eventually transcend this particular state of consciousness? Who knows, my feeling is yes. I am ceaselessly optimistic about the beautiful future humanity and this wonderful planet Earth are heading for.

To experience your Feminine side sit quietly with a Crystal or an object that for you reflects perfect Womanhood. Even if you are the most Masculine person there is a Feminine spark in you. Say hello and see what she says. Allow her voice to come to the fore – you might surprise yourself.

Crystals I find useful for this: Any opaque and milky Crystals, Moonstone, Rose Quartz.

Working with Crystals is fun and creative – have a go!

My experiences are my own and your experiences are yours and even though we are conn

ected and part of the ONE we are allowed to feel different about things.
Always go with what feels good and true for you as I go with what feels good and true for me.

If you would like to belong to a group of like-minded individuals then please get in touch. We love to hear from you:

In Love, Light, Peace and Truth

Karin xxxx