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Clear Quartz Points in circle

What is a Crystal Net?

Crystal Nets A Crystal Net is formed when you place two or more Crystals in your energy field or in ...
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GDPR Small Business

GDPR for Small Holistic Businesses

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect here in the UK on 28th May 2018. Even ...
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Manifest with Crystal Music

Manifest with Crystal Music

We had an incredible meeting with our Crystal Circle this month. Louise Robinson was our guest presenter and she brought ...
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Manifest your Dream

How to Manifest your Dream

To Manifest your Dream is a very interesting topic. Often we come up with an idea, something that will improve ...
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Woman's Day

Reflecting on being a Woman

Today, as I am writing this it’s Women’s Day 2018. That’s great, but to me this doesn’t mean very much ...
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Crystals and the sacred sound of life

Crystals and the sacred song of life

This month Dr Robert Jefford spoke to us about Crystals and the sacred song of life. He is a master ...
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Trust all is well

Admittedly trust is not something that is easily achieved these days. Looking at the general news I do sometimes wonder ...
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CQ Wand

Divine Manifestation

The first thing we ought to consider when thinking about Manifesting something in our lives is to sit still and ...
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Tic, Tac, Toe, …

... Three in a Row. Just like the simple noughts and crosses game we need to align our three aspects: Spirit, ...
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Introduction to the World…

... of Crystals Ascension is an amazing process! Currently we are being pushed, pulled, encouraged to change and share. We ...
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