Manifest with Crystal Music

Manifest with Crystal Music

We had an incredible meeting with our Crystal Circle this month. Louise Robinson was our guest presenter and she brought her Crystal Singing Bowls.

Because Spring is a very good time to sow seeds for the months ahead we focused our efforts on Manifesting our Dreams. The wonderful sounds of the Singing Bowls beautifully played by Louise took us to a place where we connected with our Heart centre.
When we combine the Heart and the Mind in order to create, anything is possible!

Of course we re-enforced this work with some Crystal Nets and exercises to fully connect with our creative forces.
A combination of Blue Kyanite, Rhodonite, Lepidolite and Blue Lace Agate was perfect for helping us bring our Dreams into the physical world.

We had such an amazing time that we are inviting Louise to play her Crystal Bowls for a special Manifesting with Crystal Music event later this year.

Please connect with Louise via her website: or via her Facebook Page: Louise Clare Holistics. What a beautiful, amazing Soul. Thank you Louise!

Working with Crystals is fun and creative – have a go!

My experiences are my own and your experiences are yours and even though we are connected and part of the ONE we are allowed to feel different about things.
Always go with what feels good and true for you as I go with what feels good and true for me.

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In Love, Light, Peace and Truth

Karin xxxx or Facebook: The Bain Clan 🙂