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Introduction to the World…

Introduction to the World…

… of Crystals

Ascension is an amazing process! Currently we are being pushed, pulled, encouraged to change and share. We are asked to become who we truly are, right in our innermost centre and then share this amazing Being with the rest of the world.

We are to lift up and leave what was behind to rise up and change everything in order to create yet again something new and beautiful.

Physicality is now to be left behind and we need to open ourselves up to a new fluid way of existence. Moving, changing, flying, travelling, creating.

What do Crystals have to do with it?

To me the answer is obvious. Crystals are conscious, evolved and ancient. A lot of them have taken part in, and experienced more events on this planet than most other Beings. They have been around for a long time and somewhere within their collective consciousness is a record of all that has occurred. 

This record can be accessed and learned from. It is one of the most nurturing, stable and creative source of information currently available on this planet. 

How to access a Crystal

First be kind. Like us Crystals are conscious, living Beings – not mere inanimate objects. Treat them how you would like to be treated. Become friendly with, and then friends with your Crystals.

Prepare a safe and nurturing space. You can get some ideas on how to do this in one of my previous posts.

Sit or lie down with your chosen Crystal and become one with it. You could do this by imagining it becoming very large so that you can climb inside. If you have trouble visualising then imagine how this might feel, sound, taste or smell.

Once you have merged your energy with that of your Crystal allow any feelings and impressions to flow.

What do Crystals say?

Listen carefully to any messages your Crystal may wish to transmit. Again, this could be a sound, image, feeling, taste or even smell. 

Have a note pad ready to record your experiences so that you can reflect on them afterwards. 

Sometimes you don’t seem to get anything. That’s OK. Persevere and try again another time or with another Crystal. Be patient with yourself. Think of it as learning to ride a bike. It can take practice and perseverance before you get good results.

Joining a group or attending a workshop can be helpful as the group energy can greatly enhance and encourage your experiences.

Once you have listened to what your Crystal has to ‘say’ you can – with reverence and politeness – ask any questions you may have. The answer may again come in a sensory way. Sometimes the answer will come a few hours, days or even weeks later. This may be via a dream or another way such as someone talking about it or a relevant book. 

Trust that the answer comes at the right time for you. Sometimes we are not yet ready to hear or understand the message.

Coming back down to Earth

Once you have finished working with your Crystal, thank it, cleanse it and take it out of your energy field (Aura).

Bring yourself back into the here and now by grounding. Some Crystals can take your attention far away from everyday living which could result in undesirable outcomes to situations which require us to be fully in the present such as driving.

You can easily ground yourself by placing a grounding Crystal such as Black Tourmaline or Red Jasper between your feet. Other good ways to do this is by feeling your feet firmly on the ground or having something to eat or drink.

Most important of all: have fun, enjoy and trust that all is well. Working with Crystals is fun and can be an amazing and exhilarating experience. Have a go!

My experiences are my own and your experiences are yours and even though we are connected and part of the ONE we are allowed to feel different about things.

Always go with what feels good and true for you as I go with what feels good and true for me.

In Love, Light, Peace and Truth


Karin xxxx

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