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Feeling scared – or am I?

Feeling scared – or am I?

Just now I have figured out how to access this blogspot with my mobile device. This is great as it enables me to jot down a few sentences throughout the day as well as keeping an eye on my son. This makes me happy : ).


What do I feel?

But – there is another feeling lurking in me, an undercurrent that I can’t quite put my finger on. I think it’s fear or it might be nervous anticipation. I guess it’s up to me to give it the label that will determine the difference.


The glass is half full…

Because I like to experience my life in a way that says ‘my glass is half full – with a Crystal in it!’ I have decided on the Label ‘nervous anticipation’.

The reason for this is that a project I have been tasked with is coming to an end. I am frightfully close to rolling it out, reveal it to everyone else. It has been a carefully guarded secret and only my husband Marcus and two very dear friends know what I have been up to.

It has kept me busy for almost two years, working on it whenever I got a few spare minutes. Those of you who have young children will appreciate how challenging it can be to carve out time and space to do anything.

The project has challenged me every step of the way. Everything about it had to be infused with my energy. Outsourcing aspects of it – something I seriously considered at the beginning – simply wasn’t an option. I had to learn several new skills – something I must admit I enjoyed.

So, what is it? At this very moment in time I am not yet ready to share it – this is something I will reveal once it is fully complete and ready to be shared with everyone. Won’t be long now.


Using Crystals to shift emotions

What I do wish to share in this post is how Crystals can be used to shift feelings and how we perceive things.


These days I mostly feel pure Joy and Happiness. This is something that didn’t just happen upon me. It is something I put a lot of work into over the years. Because Crystals hold such an ancient and stable frequency they are one of my favourite companions on my journey to Happiness.


So when another feeling started to knock at my door this week I took some time out to help me get back to my now normal happy self. Amazingly : ) I chose Crystals to support me in my efforts.


Using Crystals to dissipate fear

This is what I did: I let myself feel this icky, uncomfortable feeling. The thing I eventually chose to label nervous anticipation rather than fear. Then I set my Intent to to state ‘I wish to let go of this feeling and bring myself back into perfect happy balance.’

With this thought firmly in mind I looked at my rather expansive collection of Crystals and chose the ones that were calling out to me. In this instance it was a combination of three Crystals: Flourite, Merlinite (Romanechite) and Danburite.

When I tuned into the Crystals this is what I felt they would do for me:


Flourite helps me to streamline and organise my thoughts, it stops them from digressing and going all over the place, releases anything that may be deemed to be negative. 


Merlinite helps me to bring any deep set, underlying emotional patterns to the surface to be looked at and cleared.


Danburite clears issues and then integrates what is left into a fully functioning whole. It creates openings where I would not have thought there were any. So it is full of opportunity.


Carrying these Crystals around with me brings me a wonderful sense of Peace and a feeling of stepping forward into the unknown without having to fear what is coming towards me.

Next time you are feeling ‘out of sorts’ try looking at your Crystal kit and see if any of them are happy to support you on your quest to Joy and Happiness.


My experiences are my own and your experiences are yours and even though we are connected and part of the ONE we are allowed to feel different about things.

Always go with what feels good and true for you as I go with what feels good and true for me.

In Love, Light, Peace and Truth


Karin xxxx

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