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Crystal Diploma Course


are Karin’s Love, Passion and Expertise. She is absolutely passionate about them and would like to share their Energy and Beauty with as many people as possible.

The workshops and groups we hold are interactive, fun, very hands-on and tailored to the needs of the group.
They are designed to provide a bespoke and unique experience for the group.

Our workshops and groups attract Continued Professional Developmentd (CPD) credits.

Apatite Amethyst

Crystal Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops 
Introduction to Crystals (Entry Level)
Connecting with Crystals (Intermediate Level)
Networking with Crystals (Advanced Level)
Crystal Images (Advanced Level +)
Making Crystal Essences
Crystal Pictures and Mandalas


Crystal Groups

Our monthly Crystal Meditation Groups offer ongoing practice, support and companionship for those who attend. Spaces are taken up  quickly but do let us know if you feel drawn to a particular group and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Crystal Circle – our monthly meetings have attracted some prestigious speakers. Start your weekend with relaxation, companionship and learning new skills.
  • Crystal Foundations – an advanced group with dedicated members who delve deep into the world of Crystal Patterns and Sacred Geometry and send healing to the world at large.
  • Crystal Spiral – expand your Crystal knowledge. Suited to all levels of Crystal knowledge. Connect and relax with Crystal meditation and learn about giving and receiving Crystal Healing.

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