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This profile is in the process of being updated. 
Wendy has now left her employment as a PA in favour of working with Crystals full-time. She has a market stall selling Crystals in Hastings town centre every Thursday and is now in charge of running our Crystal groups and workshops (some jointly with Jo, the occasional one jointly with Karin).

Her contact email is: wdaubs@outlook.com

I currently work full time as a PA, have three adult daughters who live with me and became interested in alternative holistic methods of healing ever since their birth i.e. homeopathy, aromatherapy etc.

I am reliable, trustworthy, caring, have a warm nature and good morals.  I have a good sense of humour and love to laugh (something I consider good for the soul)!  I am very open and honest and believe that it is important to stick up for your beliefs and injustices.

My spiritual journey really started when I enrolled onto a Reiki course.  I completed Reiki to a Master level in March 2012 and have been practising the art regularly ever since.  My quest to learn other alternative holistic therapies led me the same year to Karin and my first workshop with her which was ‘Introduction to Crystals’.  I have since completed Karin’s crystal workshops to an advanced level and regularly attend her monthly circles.  I truly believe that crystals are a wonderful alternative healing ‘tool’, each having their own energy and use and now have them in my home, place of work, or with me in person.  Work colleagues and friends often ask me ‘what’s a good crystal for …?’ so the word is spreading!  I love crystal healing nets!

Something that I try to practice every day and which I would like to spread the word on is the power of our mind and thoughts and how this can impact on our health and wellbeing.  Do you ever feel when you are in a negative place or have negative thoughts that more unfortunate things or accidents happen to you?  Keeping a positive mind, a happy disposition, positive speech and gratitude breeds (in my opinion) good health and wellbeing.

Meditation (connecting with the mind, body and soul) and the benefits that this can bring; peace, calm, self-analysis and learning, continuing the spiritual journey is also an art that I practice regularly and truly believe benefits us greatly.

I would love to be a part of spreading love and light to our planet Earth and all who inhabit it.

Love and blessings

Wendy Daubney

Wendy Daubney