About Karin Bain

Much has happened since 2017, so here is an update on the Bios by Robert Torry (below).

In early 2019 my guidance suddenly changed. I was asked to leave the physical Crystals behind and to focus on the higher dimensional aspects of the Crystal Kingdom, together with preparing to receive and transmit information from the higher realms via my Starbeing friends.

This was followed by a period of adjustment, leaving much behind but gaining many new insights. It has been a quiet time in terms of work, learning to assimilate and process the new energies.

With the current portals and activations (24th Oct – 4th Nov 2019) the time has now come for me to start sharing more of my new work with a wider audience.

To clarify, Karin Bain and Lyra Bain are one and the same person. Karin is the name I brought in at birth. It is a name I love and cherish as I believe its meaning is “Pure”.

Lyra Bain is a pseudonym I use when I share and transmit information which has been imparted to me via my Starbeing connections. That way I honour and clarify where the information is drawn from.

The communications I receive from my Starbeing friends are imparted to me in terms of concepts (images, impressions, feelings and sometimes sound), rather than words and sentences. It is then up to me (my personality) to choose appropriate words, images and sentences to share this information with others.

It is my intent that the words and phrases I choose are pure and from the Heart, and that the information transmitted retains its original energy and meaning.

My ‘new’ role is to be a ‘transmitter’ of energy and ‘Light Source Information’. It is the vibration of the information that is being passed on which is important, rather than the words.

Crystals always have, and still do, form a large part of the work I do. My current focus is on the higher vibrational (5D and beyond) aspects of the Crystal Kingdom.

A much more grounded aspect of my 3D existence involves bringing up and home educating our young son.
To quote another home educating mother: ‘Only another home educating mother can understand what it is like to home educate your children.’
My addition to this statement is: ‘To home educate a young Starseed is a very interesting experience indeed!’

Bios written by Robert Torry, 2017

Karin was born in Villingen, a small town on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany.

Moving to the UK in 1990 she graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in Mathematics and Economics followed by a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and a post graduate Certificate in Education, thereafter finding employment in accountancy.

Fluent in German and English, she quickly realised that her passion lay not in the language of mathematics, rather the subtle language of the mineral and Crystal world. Her exquisite sensitivity to the subtle vibrations of Crystals together with her heart-felt desire to research the arcane wisdom associated with Crystals led to her study for a Diploma in Flower and Gem Essence Therapy in 2007, followed by a Diploma in Crystal Healing in 2009, her creativity and interpretation of the metaphysical finding eloquent balance with her capacity for sustained analytical thinking.

In light of the unfolding planetary transition, Karin has recently focused on teaching techniques for personal development and self empowerment, running Crystal Classes and Workshops in the South East of England at beginners, intermediary and advanced levels. The classes are always popular. She also gives consultations on a one-to-one basis.

As a multi-disciplinary complementary practitioner, she maintains the currency of her professional competence through ongoing research and attendance at workshops and seminars, often inviting prestigious speakers in related fields of expertise to present at her classes.

Karin lives in E Sussex with her husband Marcus, their 4 years old son Joshua and cat Suki, where she enjoys living a holistic lifestyle in harmony with Nature.

Robert Torry, May 2017

Karin Bain