Bain Clan Centre of Light Buddy System

Please note that this is currently by invitation only. We trust that we can make this available on a wider scale soon. Please sign up to our newsletter if you would like to keep up to date with our Buddy System.

The Bain Clan Buddy System

At present participation in the BCCL Buddy System is by invitation only. We are trusting that this will quickly spread and grow to enable more people to participate.

 The Purpose

The BCCL Buddy System is based on Trust, Care & Confidentiality. It is a voluntary, free of charge system open to those members of the Bain Clan Community who are looking to make a positive change for themselves and the world at large.

The purpose of the Buddy system is to offer support, guidance, friendship and to take care of, inspire & coach new and existing Community members of the Bain Clan. Becoming a Community member of the Bain Clan is free of charge – there are no strings attached – no requirement to participate and you are free to leave the Community whenever you choose.

Marcus & Karin consider those who contact the Bain Clan in order to receive help, healing and guidance as extended Family. It is at this point that the opportunity to become a Community member of the Bain Clan arises. Simply let us know that you would like to be included and we will do what we can to make you feel part of our Clan.

Bain Clan Community members are encouraged to live a life filled with Honesty, Unconditional Love, Peace and Light.

The Buddy System has also been created to provide a way of offering existing Community members to grow their skills and levels of expertise in the field of mentoring and facilitating.  It is a way of sharing positive energy and knowledge for all who take part. It facilitates Ascension through connecting with other like-minded individuals and Light workers. The goal is to kindle a relationship and belonging to the Universal LoveLight Community.

How it works

A Buddy is someone who has gone through the process of opening up and can give guidance on how to integrate new-found knowledge and experiences.
A new Community member is someone who has contacted the BCCL Team and is open to receive help, healing and guidance from us.
The BCCL Team currently consists of Marcus, Karin, Jo & Wendy.
If you wish, we will assign a Buddy to you who will be an existing BCCL Community member.  They will be there to help you, listen to you and answer some of the questions you may have.

Expectations & boundaries for both parties

The Buddy

  • Makes contact within the agreed time frame
  • Shares their knowledge freely
  • Refers the new Community member or finds out information where required
  • Ensures confidentiality (other than at supervision with the BCCL Team)
  • Encourages/empowers the new Community member to grow
  • Undertakes supervision with another BCCL Team member
  • Follows the guidelines set out in the Buddy System

The new Community member

  • Contacts the Buddy via agreed methods and times
  • Has a willingness to grow/raise their vibration/learn
  • Respects the Buddy’s time and energy
  • Follows the guidelines set out in the Buddy System

If either the Buddy or new Community member are qualified therapists, the exchange of therapies should be arranged on a separate basis and not included under the umbrella of the Buddy system.

 Maximum number of Newcomers to a Buddy

This will depend on the level of experience, willingness and available time of the Buddy, and should be discussed and set on an individual basis.

How the match is made

Buddies are elected by invitation of the BCCL Team
Each Buddy has a profile which is jointly created by the BCCL Team and the Buddy (to be).  It contains the following information:

  • A photo of the Buddy
  • Their name
  • Contact information & preferred method of contact
  • Their experience and field of expertise, e.g. Reiki trained, Crystals up to Intermediate level, Counsellor
  • Their personal qualities, e.g. gentle, patient, humorous, practical

Newcomers are then given the profiles of the available Buddies to choose from.   Once a selection has been made, the BCCL Team will approach the selected Buddies and see if they would like to connect with the Newcomer. After an initial meeting/conversation, the match is made. The BCCL Team will keep a record of Buddy matches. No other records will be held.

Key qualities of a Buddy

  • Good listener
  • Caring
  • Keeps a high vibration
  • Reliable and keeps their word
  • Compassionate
  • Accepting and non-judgmental
  • Like-minded but not too much in order to stimulate growth of both parties
  • Enthusiastic
  • A ‘together’ person i.e. does not have any major stress or issues in their life which would affect their ability to be a good Buddy, and who positively manages work/family/personal life and spiritual growth.
  • Is able to keep confidences


This is something which should be established on an individual basis once a match has been made.  However contact should be made approximately every 6 weeks, but can be more often if needed.

The BCCL Team will contact every new group/workshop participant.  This will be to gain feedback on the group/workshop and to explain and offer participation in the Buddy system.

Procedure for ‘un-comfortableness’

The Buddy

  • Reflects on the feeling and attempts to understand it
  • Is honest with the new Community Member and tries to talk about the ‘uncomfortableness’ to find a way forward
  • Remains positive and views the situation as a learning opportunity
  • Seeks advice from the BCCL Team

The new Community member

  • Shares their feelings with the Buddy or a member of the BCCL Team
  • Remains positive and views the situation as a learning opportunity
  • If necessary another Buddy can be selected

When it’s time for change

  • When either the Buddy or the new Community member wishes to change the ‘agreement’
  • When there is nothing further to be gained from the relationship, for example the new Community member has outgrown the skill set of the Buddy
  • When the new Community member needs a deeper level of support, perhaps from a different Buddy
  • When the Community member no longer needs the support from the Buddy
  • When the Community member and Buddy move their relationship to a friendship level

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