Healing and Alignment of Body, Mind & Higher Self

Experience the benefits of the New Healing Modalities, Metatron and Arcturian Healing. These are two of the new wave of Healing Modalities that have been gifted to us.

The main purpose of this Healing is to Align you with your Higher Self. This also has an effect on the Physical, Emotional and the Mental bodies and will aid your overall Well Being and Re-Alignment. On some occasions, changes occur within days, both to people’s life situations and experiences as well as Wellness. This is also a very good way of clearing the Old Dross that we need to let go of at this time.

Archangel Metatron healing is usually performed one on one, whereas Arctuian Healing can be performed, what I call remotely. You could be across the World or even on Mars and still receive the Effects from this Amazing Healing Light.

I usually use Skype or Messenger video calling to first contact the person and then to connect with them over the Ether to transmit the Healing Alignment. It usually puts people in a very blissful and calm state, so why not try it and see the effects for yourself.
There may also be some Ascension Guidance and Mentoring when required. This will involve discussions of what has come up for both parties during the Healing and/or since the last session. Some intuitive guidance on what you may need to be doing at this time. Helping you to focus on and/or discover your True Life’s Purpose. I have over 36 years’ experience of Energy healing and Alignment, as well as being a Usui Reiki practitioner.
Each Session is Individual and will be led by your needs and understanding. Sessions usually last around 30 minutes and cost £22.20.
Initial Contact by Email please to MArcturus@wayitis.net to enable a first time connection.

If you are new to this type of healing, you can email me to arrange a FREE chat first and get some better understanding of what it involves.

You may also wish to check his Wayitis website. Please click link below

Marcus Bain


[C.W.] –  ‘Healing with Marcus, for me, opened my heart further and made me aware of energy areas that needed some mindful attention. I felt that I was in safe hands with a wise old soul’
[P.A.] –  ‘Although I have had many healings, I have never experienced such a heart opening, spiritually connecting healing.  From the very beginning I could feel my heart open wide and Marcus’s extremely powerful light streaming through his hands.  Marcus is indeed a Master Healer, coming from his Higher Self and gently encouraging my Higher Self to be even more present and conscious.  Thank you Marcus for helping me connect deeper into myself’ love Paula Adams, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.
[S.F.] –  Marcus has helped me through some dark times as I struggled to recover from cancer and its treatment. His distance healing has left me, each time, feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and totally relaxed. From that peace of mind comes a sense of well being and a natural desire, and then ability, to get on with life with renewed energy and commitment. Physical and mental wellbeing sit side by side and get stronger together.
Marcus has been generous enough to transmit his gift to me and I have become open to his receiving his healing. I am so grateful to him. It has been an immensely positive experience. I am smiling.
[K.H.] –  I have been singing your praises to all of my friends! Telling them just how unbelievably amazing the whole treatment was, how I could feel a real forcefield of energy all around me even when you had finished the Metatron work, it was there one hundred percent in the physical. I have never had healing like it. Your Reiki was amazingly powerful too, I could physically feel the energy swirling and pulsing through me, feeling your hands moving around as if electrified and beaming energy towards me like a very thick laser. I did feel more movement in my legs and hips for a couple of days afterwards but they seem to have now returned to how they were before. I have never felt such a positive and significant change in how my physical body feels following healing in all the years I have been in receipt of it, so to feel less pain and stiffness in my legs, even for just 48hrs was wonderful and very encouraging.
{M.B.}  Wow what an Amazing result although I must add that this person is incredibly sensitive to the higher vibrations. “Healers have feelings too” so it is really good to get such positive feedback, Thanks K.H.
[C.B.] –  Can thoroughly recommend! Brought amazing opportunities my way – too many as I now have difficult choices to make so I’ve booked another appointment!

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